Welcome to ECRDA.org!

The East Coast Research and Discovery Association (ECRDA) is the Northeast's largest treasure-hunting club. Since 1983, the ECRDA has promoted the hobby of treasure hunting among adults and children. Many members and hobbyists use a metal detector, but it can be as easy as checking the coins in your pocket -- or eyeballing a 'find' just lying on the ground.

Whether you're a novice or a long time coin-shooter or relic hunter, the ECRDA is the place to be. Our monthly meetings bring existing and new members together to show off their latest finds, swap tips, hear educational speakers, enjoy our shared hobby, make new friends, buy & sell gear, and much more.

Our next regular club meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21, 2015. Hope to see you there!

What a Great Hunt!

We all had a terrific time at our annual open hunt, "Six on the Beach", in beautiful Ocean City NJ! Check out our photo gallery!

Other Hunts We Like

Lost Treasure Weekend In The Catskills

"The 9th Annual Lost Treasure Weekend takes place May 29-31 at the Blackthorne Resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York, featuring a combination of seeded & non-seeded hunts. I like the non-seeded hunts where you get a chance to hunt some nice 1700s properties. These properties can only be hunted the day of the hunt. You get lodging, meals & hunt fees for one price. Where can you go for 3 days with meals for $189?"

FMDAC Hunt, Gettysburg

"The FMDAC (Federation of Metal Detector & Archaeological Clubs) will be hosting an event in Gettysburg, PA on October 23 & 24 in conjunction with the Autumn Civil War Show. Open hunt Saturday, two Sunday hunts, seminars, raffles, and over 300 tables of Civil War and military collectibles. Click here for the flyer!"

Joe & Pete on American Digger's Relic Roundup

Club president Joe Jorgensen and veteran treasure-hunter Pete Schichtel were recently featured on Relic Roundup, a call-in radio-type show hosted by Butch Holcombe, the publisher of American Digger magazine. Listen to the interview here.

Joe & Pete Have a Website!

And be sure to visit their new website, The Lost Treasure Seekers -- and find them / like them on Facebook, too!

How Much Did You Love Our 2014 Beach Hunt?

Pirate on the Field! Our Cinco en Mayo (the Fifth in May) annual beach hunt was a resounding success. Beautiful weather, fresh white sandy beach, hordes of treasure hunters -- and even a pirate -- made Ocean City NJ the place to be!

And, not incidentally, Ocean City was "voted the top beach in New Jersey [and] won highest accolades from voters for day trips, family vacations and ecotourism" in a statewide survey.

Whether you were there or not, you'll enjoy our photo slideshow of 'Cinco en Mayo.'